Its all about the Goals
Its all about the Goals

About Us

Meet the friendly Financial Solutions Canterbury team providing valueable advice to clients working to achieve their financial and lifestyle goals.

Bernard Financial AdvisorBernard Duncan JP
Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA)
Diploma of Personal Financial Planning

Bernard has been providing financial planning advice to his clients since 1993. Prior to this he operated the family sheep and cropping farm at Darfield.  Joining the financial advisory industry in the 1990’s and then gaining the necessary qualifications was an exciting change of career which has been both rewarding and stimulating. Bernard specialises in helping all generations within a family make sound decisions on their way to becoming financially secure. Outside work Bernard is involved in many community groups and enjoys gardening, photography, music and travelling to see new places and different cultures.
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Joy Financial AdvisorJoy Muldrew
Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA)
Dip. Bank; Dip. PFP; FFIN

Joy has been providing financial advice to her clients since 1999. Prior to joining the financial advisory industry Joy was involved in the banking environment for many years working in various locations throughout New Zealand.

“The opportunity to work more closely with people led me to the financial advisory industry. As an adviser I focus on helping my clients towards achieving their long term financial goals. An important consideration for my role is acknowledging that emotion is often the driving force of the investment decisions made by investors. I therefore help my clients to make more balanced investment judgements as a means by which to achieve their lifestyle and retirement goals.” During her spare time Joy enjoys the rural environment in which she lives.
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Lyn Financial AdvisorLyn Walker
Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA)

Lyn commenced practice as a financial adviser in 1999 in Southland following over 20 years in the fields of agriculture - as an adviser and a farmer, and in education - as a teacher.

The financial advisory industry attracted Lyn with the many features that it has in common with his previous professions and the opportunity to enter an industry with a growing focus on a goal-based advisory process. In this process each client’s financial goals are formalised in a personal wealth management plan after consideration of their personal wealth situation, their needs, lifestyle aspirations and savings patterns.

The volatile nature of the financial environment frequently creates emotional stress for clients in achieving their best financial decisions.  The role of an independent, professional adviser can be of great significance in assisting the client to remain disciplined and balanced when forming those decisions and by ensuring the client has available a range of financial products of appropriate range and quality in which to invest.

Lyn believes that empathy and understanding are important factors in the achievement of successful outcomes of the goal-based advisory processes for his clients.
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