Its all about the Goals
Its all about the Goals

What We Do

Our primary goal is to help you and your family make the best possible decisions about your financial future to help you meet both savings and retirement income goals.

Our approach means having a complete understanding of your financial position. We do this by working with you using interactive software to show how your savings or retirement income goals can best be met. This discussion helps to determine how much you need to save for a comfortable retirement or whether the amount of capital available to you at the time of retirement is likely to last for the full term of your retirement. We also reflect on the subject of investment risk and how this should best be managed. At the conclusion of this discussion we develop a personalised Financial Strategy or Plan which we provide to you.

Once this Strategy has been presented and accepted by you, available funds are invested per recommendations agreed in this Strategy. Arrangements are also made to implement where regular savings should be invested.

Financial Solutions Canterbury Ltd uses the services of NZ Funds Management Ltd (NZ Funds) as the lead manager for the portfolio of investment options we offer. They in turn select a number of the world’s most competent managers to manage the international investments that are offered as part of the portfolios we recommend. NZ Funds offer a range of services uniquely tailored to the needs of New Zealanders who are either saving for retirement or who are already retired.

Once a Financial Plan is in place we walk along side each client to monitor and review their Plan regularly. We provide six monthly reports and update each client’s plan to reflect any changes in circumstances at least every two years. In addition to our comprehensive investment portfolio service, we provide a tax return service to our clients. We can also assist clients with their Estate Planning requirements through the services of Heritage Trustee Co. Ltd. This includes the setting up and the yearly management of simple family trusts and assisting clients with the preparation of their wills.

Where any other financial services might be needed, we are able to refer clients to appropriate experts for advice.